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Dyno Tuning

CBB offers dyno services such as: Diagnostic Testing, EFI Fuel Mapping, Performance Tuning (naturally aspirated and forced induction), Power Runs and more.



Tuning is the primary reason for using a dynamometer. With the detailed information collected by the dyno and the skillful interpretation of the operator your engine can be optimised for your requirements. The dyno allows the operator to tune the engine scientifically and provide graphs showing the tune and response of the engine.

Different tuning requirements are required for race and street applications and CBB can handle all uses and set ups. CBB's trained and experienced operator has expertise in tuning carburettors as well as both mechanical and electronic fuel injection. CBB is able to tune supercharged and turbocharged engines as well as naturally aspirated engines on any type of fuel.



The dyno operator is able to use the carefully calibrated equipment to measure the air/fuel ratio at any rev range enabling the engine to be tuned to be neither too lean (damaging) nor too rich (un-economic and power draining).

He is also able to diagnose symptoms such as power drops, flat spots, incorrect EFI settings and identify where peak power and torque is produced. The stability of the rolling road also allows the diagnosis of shakes, rattles and other disturbances without having to concentrate on surrounding traffic.

The dyno allows the operator to ensure that the engine is running safely and that conditions which cause premature wear or breakage are identified. Tuning and diagnostic tasks are done under the same conditions in which the car is driven. Loads can be varied and different conditions simulated - such as towing, driving uphill, freeway driving etc. Added benefits of the dyno are the the ability to hold the vehicle at full throttle at any speed, diagnose vibrations and rattles or test the vehicle in a number of conditions without the risk of traffic.


Shootout Mode

Shootout Mode is offered by Dyno Dynamics to their factory trained operators. Shootout mode allows the dyno to measure the vehicle outputs to a controlled and standardised formula. The benefits of Shootout Mode are that the results can be taken to another Dyno Dynamics equiped dyno and regardless of differing atmospheric conditions the results will be the same if they also use Shootout Mode. Shootout Mode ensures that the same loads and conditions are used to ensure correlating results across a number of machines.